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TigerLAN - Upcoming - TigerLAN 28: League of Legends Registration

wulfy - Mar 16, 2015 - 10:13 PM
Post subject: TigerLAN 28: League of Legends Registration
Hello All!

Auburn University's semi-annual TigerLAN will occur live on the weekend of 4 April 2015. Due to space limitation, we are hoping to post all pre-registered teams here. If your team is going to be in the area the day of, we welcome you to come join us and contact Monaldo, the Tournament Organizer, or Wulfy, AUCGC President, in game in order to get directions, help, or other accommodations.

Venue Fee: $5 per person.*
Entry Fee: $10 per person.

Tournament prizes will include the Riot package of RP and Triumphant Ryze; however, an additional prize based on entry fees will be up for grabs to the top 3 teams (3rd place will get their money back as a minimum.) Fees will be collected at the door.

The Tournament will be a best of 3 single elimination tournament.

There will be a "Battle for the Bronze" match played to determine 3rd and 4th place. Note: Format may be subject to change with notice given no later than the day of. All rules according to Riot's guide for tournament events apply.

You may pre-register online via these forums. Please make an account and post below the following information:
Team name, LoL in-game name, team list (using LoL username).

You may also register live at the event.

Pre-Registered Teams:
Aperture Industries

*Venue Fee will be waved for all members of the AUCGC who have paid their dues as the fee is included in due payment. Additionally, players may opt to bring a Smash 4 Wii U setup for tournament use at the event lieu of paying a venue fee.

NOTICE: You must be present at the event to participate in the tournament.
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