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What is TigerLAN?

TigerLAN is a networked computer and console gaming event. In other words, a group of computers and gaming consoles are networked together in some fashion and groups of people play games on them. To encourage the competitive spirit, we hold competitions/tournaments and award prizes to the winners. We also play games just for fun, which is what most of the event is about: having fun with others that have similar interests.

Where is TigerLAN?

TigerLAN is held at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama, United States of America. The current location at Auburn University is Room 2222/2223 in the Student Center. Click here for various maps and directions.

Why have TigerLAN?

TigerLAN was started as a combo fundraiser and membership drive for the Auburn University Computer Gaming Club in Fall 2001. After some initial growth, these aspects became sidelines but are still part of the reasoning to continue the event. The current main purpose for holding the event is to promote gaming in the community. Aside from how much fun gaming is for those who enjoy it, it also promotes strategy, problem solving, critical thinking, ingenuity, organization, and teamwork. At the same time, it improves hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and rewards quick thinking.

Who runs TigerLAN?

TigerLAN is organized, administrated, and promoted by the Auburn University Computer Gaming Club. Founded in 1997, the AUCGC is the oldest university-sponsored computer gaming club in the country.

How is TigerLAN run?

How much does it cost to attend?

Since TigerLAN is a two-day event it will be $5 to game, 5 more to compete.
There are possible discounts for active AU Computer Gaming Club members (varies by event). Anyone can come in to observe for free.
To get a gaming stamp, it is a donation of US$5.
To get on the competition list, it is another donation of US$5.
For the donation (which is a tax deduction; AUCGC is a non-profit organization; must ask for receipt), you get to game, snack, and be eligible for door prizes. The extra charge for competition is to help pay for the nicer competition prizes that will be given away (the more that compete, the better the prize and the better the prize at the next event). All profits from the event go into one of two places: 1) into the next TigerLAN 2) into the AUCGC treasury to aid the costs of the club.

How long does it last?

TigerLAN officially lasts from Saturday at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Sunday. You can come in on Saturday starting at 10:00 AM or any time on Sunday. The room must be vacated at 5:00pm on Sunday. Gaming actually stops around 4:30 PM on Sunday for breakdown. If you want a place to sleep other than the floor or the chairs/couches outside the venue, Auburn offers many hotel choices nearby the event. Feel free to bring sleeping bags.

What about food?

What about piracy?

Do you really have to ask? TigerLAN employs a strict "don't ask, don't tell" style policy. If it comes to our attention that you are engaging in illegal activities, you will first be asked to stop immediately. A second time and you will be removed from the event.

What about dedicated servers or bringing more than one computer?

We will have a spot set up for dedicated servers so that they do not take away seats from players. We usually go with the idea that each table holds two monitors comfortably, thus each table is worth $10 a day. Exceptions can be made. This is fairly lax since we try to have a little extra space at each event. If you plan to bring a dedicated game server, forward arrangements may be made to ensure a donation discount or some other form of compensation.

Do I need to bring my console?

We will try to have enough consoles on hand for everyone from the start of the event. However, this isn't always the case. If you can bring your console (Dreamcast, Gamecube/Wii, MAMEcab, PS2/3, XBox360, etc.) please make prior arrangements with the coordinator so we can plan accordingly. If you're not sure whether you will attend or whether you can/want to bring your console then don't worry about it. However, we ask that you bring it with you if possible but don't fetch it until we need it.

Parking; where do I park?

Click here to see a building layout, or here for maps. There is a loading/unloading zone at the entrance to the building. There is limited parking in the same lot which is usually filled before 1:00PM. After that, there are three other close parking areas that do not include downtown Auburn (1 block away).

Transporting my equipment/stuff, do I get help?

If you come check in at the event first, we can loan you a cart to haul your stuff in with. Do this, it's much easier on everyone.

Do I need to know anything about networking or computers?

All you need to know is how to operate a keyboard and mouse or a console controller. If it's a new game, someone will teach you how to play. If it's a technical issue (getting into the network, network settings, etc) then we will have someone to help. A network drop will be provided for you and sitting in your seat when you arrive. For consoles, we will have someone link them as they arrive.

What do I need to bring?

Check out the Checklist for a list of what to bring and not bring.

How can I register for TigerLAN?

This changes every so often. Ask on the forums or Facebook to [pre]register for the upcoming TigerLAN.

Will my stuff be secure overnight?

Neither the club nor Auburn University can assure the safety of your possessions if left unattended. The city and university have a very low crime rate, and there will always be a club "official" in the room -- so you can rest knowing it is relatively safe. If you are uneasy about leaving something, then use common sense and take it with you. For those that go somewhere else to sleep, they generally leave their computers and consoles overnight. So far we have had no reports of missing items.

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