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Articles: TigerLAN 8 - Pre-Registration

Published: Mar 14, 2005 - 03:30 PM

You can pre-register for TigerLAN 8 now. It's not automated, but we'll work on that. Read more to find the details.
To brief yourself, first check out the schedule of events.

Since we do not accept the donations for the pre-registration, we will hold your spot (for computers) until 2PM, after that time it will be given to anyone who wants it.

To Pre-register for TigerLAN 8:

1) Look here and pick yourself a table/chair. You can just say 14A or 14B to refer to a specific chair, A being the leftmost or topmost chair. This isn't a reservation so much as a preferrance.

2) Send an email to mcdonjm (at) auburn dot edu with the subject "TigerLAN 8 Registration". Keep reading before you send that.

3) In this email you will need to include the following items:

  A) Real Full Name

  B) Handle/nickname/game-name/etc

  C) Seat Wanted

  D) Number of Computers Bringing

  E) Number/Type of Consoles Bringing

  F) Competitions you want to compete in

  G) Approximate Arrival Time

  H) Approximate Departure Time

4) If you are registering for more than one person we need this list of info for every person you are registering.

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