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Articles: Club Founder, Ryan "Stick" Stich, Passed Away

Published: Nov 20, 2006 - 10:33 PM

The Auburn University Computer Gaming Club was recently informed about the death of its founder and first President. Ryan "Stick" Stich was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident approximately two weeks ago. His fiancee has offered all of Stick's gaming items to the club as it is what he would want. AUCGC has no firm plans on what to do with the equipment and games but suggestions have included keeping some of it for club, giving some away for TigerLAN prizes, and donating some to charities or educational groups, all of which are intended to improve gaming in the community.

Stick left behind a legacy of creative gaming and promotion of gaming in the community. He and a handful of others started the club in late 1996, the first official meeting was in 1997 and the club received a permanent charter from Auburn University in 1999. This not only makes the AUCGC the oldest university-sponsored computer gaming club in the country but also makes Ryan Stich a pioneer in the push to create a stable gaming community.

AUCGC has not yet determined exactly how it will memorialize him, but there will be something permanent. Talk has begun about creating a tournament at all future TigerLANs with Stick-style rules but the details are in flux. To make suggestions please see the forums ( www.augamers.org ); there is a topic under Official Announcements titled "RIP Stick."

Our thoughts are with his family, fiancee, and friends in these tough times. If anyone wishes to contact them for any reason then please contact an AUCGC officer (Ack, Gouji, Coyote, LordByron, xero) so that they are not bombarded with random contacts. Thank you.

Stick, you will be missed sorely and we will try to continue your legacy of fun and creativity.


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