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Articles: AUCGC Organization Picnic

Published: May 02, 2006 - 11:24 AM

We are gathering interest for a organizational picnic to occur in the upcoming weeks. Read below for info:

xero wrote:

I'd like to have an organization picnic soon into the summer semester.

Dates could be 19 May (first Friday), 26 May (Friday before Memorial Day), or whenever.

Club could buy a few pizzas and drinks and members could bring other random food, standard picnic style stuff. (All of this would of course be eaten outside the lab...)

However, there are no chairs outside the lab and it's a small space and a bit sterile, so it's possible to have it somewhere else and at a different time.

Anyway, time and place don't matter.

The point is to get the members, the advisor, the admins, and any alumni that can make it together for a social event. That means you Roy, Paul, Mike, Bandit, T-BirD, Vector, Stick, X, Speed, etc. :P

Reply on the forums (and vote for an option) and let's discuss interest and options for time and place.

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