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Articles: TigerLAN 11 Registration Open and Competitions Finalized

Published: Aug 18, 2006 - 08:55 PM

TigerLAN 11

30 September 2006

Open at 10:00, 30 September

Close at 22:00, 1 October

Foy Student Union Exhibit Lounge

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

$10 to play (Ladies free), $10 more to compete


TigerLAN 11 Registration [here]

Interactive Room Demo (not finalized) [here]

Directions [here]


PC FPS: UT 2004

PC RTS: Dawn of War: Winter Assault

X-Box: Guilty Gear

XB360: Rockstar Table Tennis

Team PC: Team Fortress 1.5

PS2: Dance Dance Revolution

GameCube: Super Smash Brothers: Melee

Other Games

Halo 2

Guitar Hero

Half-Life 2


Battlefield 2

Burnout 4

Call of Duty 2


And more!

Club Meetings

Auburn University
Computer Gaming Club

Club Disbanded
Want to revive it?
Want to chat or LFG?
Find alumni help on Discord.

LAN Party

TigerLAN 42
6-8 May 2022
AUCGC Discord
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama

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