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Published: Sep 04, 2010 - 05:44 PM

Supreme Court Case could decide the fate of gaming as we know it...no really.
As funny as we find the Schwarzenegger v. EMA case and try to dismiss it as another political agenda, which it very well is, we have to also grasp the sober reality of what might happen if, God forbid, the law actually passes. It's not just about the selling of games to minors. Thats not the issue here. It's about whether or not, in review of the First Amendment, games are legally speaking, an art form and whether or not they should be protected as such. If this law passes, you would see states where other similar laws have been struck down suddenly revive efforts to pass them . Eventually, major companies like Gamestop, Target and Walmart would cease selling M-rated games, because for all of their artistic merit, they would be restricted under the new laws.

And, worst of all, you would see publishers and developers stop making games like Bioshock, Fallout and Modern Warfare. Gaming would soon be limited in the way it could tell stories or innovate. The medium really would be only for children. And M games would be in the same category as drugs or porn.

Personally, I think this medium can do amazing things in the world, and really teach us more about ourselves. Its got the opportunity to give us experiences that no other medium can compare to. So I'm going to fight this law with everything I've got. I hope that you, my fellow gamers, see the seriousness of the issue and fight the case alongside me. We love this medium. If we want it to survive and become something wonderful, shouldn't we give it out all.

If you want to help, refer to Kotu's post.

I'll see you guys.

The Spy sappin your sentry,

Dark Gryphon.

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