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Articles: TigerLAN 9 - Date

TigerLAN 9 Date Announced: 05 November 2005

Published: Apr 13, 2005 - 05:28 PM

Articles: TigerLAN 8 - Pre-Registration

You can pre-register for TigerLAN 8 now. It's not automated, but we'll work on that. Read more to find the details.

Published: Mar 14, 2005 - 03:30 PM
Read more about TigerLAN 8 - Pre-Registration (182 more word(s))

Articles: TigerLAN 8 - Announcements

TigerLAN 8 Competitions have been finalized, as well as rules.

Read the thread here: http://www.augamers.org/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=182

TigerLAN 8 Scheudule of Events can be read here: http://www.augamers.org/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=1060#1060

TigerLAN 8 Interactive Room Demo: http://www.augamers.org/roomdemo/

TigerLAN 8

19 March 2005

9:00 AM - Midnight

Room 217 (Exhibit Lounge)

Foy Student Union

Auburn Univeristy

Auburn, Alabama

Donations: $5 to game, $5 to compete (gives access to all competitions)

Ladies game for free!

Snacks provided, projectors on-hand, multiple TVs, multiple consoles, lots of power, fast network, wireless Internet availabe.

Published: Mar 10, 2005 - 10:40 PM

Articles: TigerLAN 8 Date Announced

TigerLAN 8

19 March 2005

10:00 AM - Midnight

Room 217 (Exhibit Lounge)

Foy Student Union

Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

$5 to play, $5 to compete.

Spread the word.

Published: Nov 18, 2004 - 08:32 PM

Articles: TigerLAN 7 Review

TigerLAN 7 has now passed. Despite a few tournament bumps everything went spectacular! Lots of games were played, lots of prizes were given out, lots of fun was had. We're already looking up dates for TigerLAN 8 so be looking for the poll soon.

We declared the best overall performance at this semester's TigerLAN went to 'Ehgret' who showed he could handle is own in several game types and still remain a good sport the entire time. He recieved a gift certificate from Rhino Games in Opelika for his performance. A similar prize for a similar reason will also go to 'Vise the Stompy' next time he shows up to an AUCGC meeting. Congrats.

Competition results and pictures from TL7 should be posted over the next few days in the forums. We hope everyone had as much fun playing it as we did throwing it. Don't forget the weekly Computer Gaming Club meetings in Haley Center 3233 at 7pm!

Cheers and thanks again to all of our wonderful attendees and sponsors!

Published: Nov 01, 2004 - 08:49 AM

Articles: TigerLAN 7 Pre-registration

You can pre-register for TigerLAN 7 now. It's not automated, but we'll work on that. Read more to find the details.

Published: Oct 11, 2004 - 06:06 AM
Read more about TigerLAN 7 Pre-registration (128 more word(s))

Articles: TigerLAN 7 - Tentative Competitions

These are the tentative competitions for TigerLAN 7. Note that more games than this will be played but these are the ones that prizes will definately be given away for.

Rise of Nations - Diplomacy, 1 hour

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Deathmatch

Need for Speed: Underground - All-around points ladder

Super Smash Brothers Melee - 1v1

Halo - Slayer Pro

Fighter: TBA - 1v1

Some exhibitions planned:

Burnout 3

Super Mario Kart: Double Dash

Actual competition details will be announced later.

Hit the forums if you want to suggest something else or voice ideas for the rules or anything of that nature.

A note on Counter-Strike (or the lack thereof): If we are contacted by at least 5 teams, each able to bring 5 people for a CS 1.5 game then we will hold a Counter-Strike competition. The prizes will be worth it. The deadline for all 5 contacts is October 21st.

Published: Oct 04, 2004 - 08:43 AM

Articles: TigerLAN 7 Interactive Room Demo

The room layout for TigerLAN 7 has been finalized. There has also been an interactive demo of the room created. The demo will show you everything from the layout to the location of power strips and major advertising spots. There is even a layer that allows you to see what people walking past the room will see.

Currently the demo is fairly primative, there will be more added to it. The first addition will probably be the network layout.

Enjoy: http://www.augamers.org/roomdemo/

Published: Sep 27, 2004 - 05:01 PM

Articles: TigerLAN 7 Rolling

TigerLAN 7 has started rolling along. Potential sponsors are being contacted, games are being decided, flyers are being made, et al. TigerLAN is on Saturday, October 30. Be sure to free your calendar and those of all your friends! It's almost time for the eighth consecutive TigerLAN gaming fun!

Now get the forums hopping! We want feedback to improve your experience at TigerLAN 7!

Published: Sep 17, 2004 - 05:04 PM

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