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Hardware - Left or Right?

Goji_of_the_Squirrel - Sep 28, 2005 - 02:48 AM
Post subject: Left or Right?
Ok. My rig's like a 30 yr old woman. She's not an old, run down POS like my laptop. Nor is she a whorish 20-something that's faster than Paris Hilton at a bar. Oh, but how my rig wants to be fast...

So what should I do? I've got:

-512 MB RAM (I believe it's DDRAM... or whatever. Certainly ain't dancing.)
-2.70 GHz Intel Celeron
-GeForce FX 5200 graphics card

Which gets upgraded first?
Bandit - Sep 28, 2005 - 12:25 PM
Post subject: RE: Left or Right?
Honestly you need a whole new system But since you can't buy one all at once I recommend you make 2 purchases 1st.

A new Processor and Motherboard. The Motherboard should support your current RAM, Video card (assuming AGP), and other addons, please list them. Plus it should support PCI Express, SATA (preferably SATA II).

However, this may not give you a large performance boost but it will give you a strong foundation to add on to part by part.
Ehgret - Sep 28, 2005 - 01:13 PM
Post subject: RE: Left or Right?
I'd say upgrade your ram up to Gig first . It is the cheapest way to gain a little extra speed. But a new Processor and Motherboard would also be a good starting point if your looking to do a large system overhaul
PhukFace - Sep 28, 2005 - 01:14 PM
Post subject: RE: Left or Right?
yeah i agree with mobo and processor first. i figure your prolly using DDR, so i would then through at least another stick of it in there(maybe run dual channel if you got it.) then the graphics card(althuogh this could be easily done.)

although i disagree with it being sata II for now just because most HDD(even newer) really dont strain the limits of sata 1 (IE: most hard drives run about 80MB/s top on their interface(under heavy load) and sata really only runs about 118MB/s which doesnt even come close to the limit of sata 1(150MB/s) and sata II(300MB/s). also you could look at getting regular UltraATA(unless you want soem crazy raid0 setup, etc) because the HDD manufacturers wont be getting rid of UltraATA drives for atleast another 2 yrs(approx). although the sata is coming more popular and most HDD's companies are selling more sata drive than ultra. (regardless i digress) Razz

how much are you looking to spend? what kind of mobo you using now? what kind of PSU do you have?

heres some suggestions regardless:
cheap rig (intel): ... 6813131492 motherboard ... 6819116171 cpu(runs hot though) ... 6814125186 vid card

expensive rig (intel): ... 6813131538 motherboard ... 6819116226 cpu ... 6820146566 RAM(ddrII) ... 6814125207 vid card(can be OC'd easily to gtx speeds)

cheap rig AMD: ... 6813130484 motherboard ... 6819103483 cpu ... 6814125186 vid card

expensive rig AMD: ... 6813130487 motherboard ... 6819103547 cpu ... 6820145523 RAM ... 6814125207 vid card
Bandit - Sep 28, 2005 - 02:30 PM
Post subject: RE: Left or Right?
Actually I do run a "crazy" raid 0 setup for speed. You would be suprized at how long I am in BattleField 2 matches before anyone else loads because of the speed at which everything is read from the disk to memory.

Your arguement against SATA II would also argue against PCI Express as video cards don't utilize the bandwidth that AGP offers. When buying a PC 10 or 20 more dollars now will save you 6 months in the future when you need to upgrade again. This is my philosophy. You can stick with your I don't need it now so I'm gonna save a few bucks if you like, but don't be surprised to see me in your base when you spawn for the 1st time.
PhukFace - Sep 28, 2005 - 05:48 PM
Post subject: RE: Left or Right?
heheh, i am using sata/raid and pci-e;

i was just suggesting some alternatives and just trying to save gouji alittle money, he is a college student afterall...
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