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Hardware - Oil Submerged PC

jokeyxero - Jun 26, 2007 - 09:53 PM
Post subject: Oil Submerged PC

That's very tempting to play with, perfect for a living room PC.
fastbilly1 - Jun 27, 2007 - 06:06 AM
Post subject: RE: Oil Submerged PC
Except it only last about two weeks, unless they have fixed what toms didnt two years ago.
Ash - Jun 27, 2007 - 07:48 AM
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I read an article about a guy that did that, you can put everything in the oil except the harddrive and just used regular case fan's to circulate the oil. According to his article he was running the computer as a linux server for over a year and had removed parts and added new parts, all were still working after he removed them.

Oil transfers heat better than air, so it will keep the whole system cooler as long as you are sure you don't use a conductive oil or an oil that will go bad.
fastbilly1 - Jun 27, 2007 - 05:18 PM
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Your fans have to be brushed, or was that brushless, the opposite of the normal fans. Reason being they gum up and cause problems. Also, like the toms one, about a week after you take the components out of the oil they will rust up. Or so they said.
PhukFace - Jun 27, 2007 - 05:47 PM
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yeah and the caps were swelling on the board as well
vandyl - Jun 27, 2007 - 10:16 PM
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without clicking any links - oil as a heat-transfer medium - the key is to cool the oil. Did they have some kind of oil cooler (like, say, your car's radiator) running as well? Otherwise the system will heat the oil faster than the air in the surrounding environment will cool it.
PhukFace - Jun 27, 2007 - 11:10 PM
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no it actually worked really well until the oil itself started affecting the components...(well for the toms one at least.)
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