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Articles: ebaang promotion to increase attendance

Published: Feb 04, 2004 - 02:53 PM

A lot of you have probably heard of some fabled gaming center that's recently set up shop right here in Auburn. It's true! Auburn finally has a spacious, accomodating LAN center.
ebaang has been open for just over two weeks but attendance hasn't picked up much. In the past, Auburn has had small ventures into the LAN center field, but they all failed. A combination of poor business management and a lack of community support caused these previous attempts to fail.

This time, things have been done right. First, 40 machines. That's right, 40 of em, plenty for everybody, and they're well appointed in the hardware department.

Charles and Gail Ellis have owned a LAN center before, in Monroeville, and it did very well. Granted, there's even less to do in Monroeville than there is in Auburn, thus giving the lan center less competition. Their experience shows; memberships, promos, radio advertising, a general sense of business in this pleasure-based venture.

I know a couple of you are planning to visit ebaang tonight, Wednesday, for the free gaming. Do it. If you haven't been by already, come by and see it for yourself. The game selection is limited right now (half-life and a ton of mods, including natural selection, warcraft 3: frozen throne, halo for pc, and a couple others) but will grow. The greater the attendance and support, the faster the business will improve.

Take the opportunity tonight to give it a no-risk try, a sort of test-drive. Yeah, why pay for gaming when you've got your own rig at home, right? Memberships come with benefits. I'll explain em tonight when I see you. Support your local gaming community and it will get better! :-)

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